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 SKID STEERSnow Wolf logo.
Snow Wolf eyes.

Plows Unlimited is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall - click here

Celebrating 10 Years! 1996 - 2006!
Happy Plowing!

Welome Daewoo, McLaren and Loftness

    These are a couple of the new players on the Plows Unlimited team. Daewoo is the name of the company who is the manufacturer for the new skid steers that we are selling. We have already sold our first one a couple of months ago to a local gold mining operation, in Alleghany Ca. They also purchased a Loftness snow blower attachment from us. They love the machine and its performance. Additionally they outfitted their new machine with a pair of Pewag chains. See, we told you we are your one stop shopping! We also have box plows.

Daewoo skid steer arm fucntions.
Daewoo 460 Plus model skid steer

Lotness Attachments logo.

Loftness snow blower. Loftness Rock bucket

    This is the Snow blower and Rockpicker available from Loftness Attachments. Get mad at that snow and show it who is boss! As far as the rocks, it's just plain fun to bite the when it doesn't involve your actual teeth! Say Cheese! Applications are available for all sized skid steers and for agricultural tractors. Call us for a quote! 530 862 1286 or 877 214 7569

Loftness brush cutter. Timber Axe for skid steers.
    Are you lending a hand to a logging operation? Or maybe just doing some spring cleaning? Have skid steer will travel. Loftness attachments alos offers mowers, mulchers, and a timber axe. This will allow you to get those saplings and thicket to run far and fast from your favoriite Loftness attachment. Results not typical - if your vegetation does not get up and run on it's own, we respectfully hold no responsibility! Applications are available for all sized skid steers and for agricultural tractors. Call us for a quote! 530 862 1286 or 877 214 7569

Loftness timber Axe

Loftness tractor snow blower and shredder. Loftness tractor brush cutter and mower application.
Loftness Attachments for Tractors

    Above are featured products of the Loftness Attachments line up for  agricultural tractors and equipment of the like. Available products include mowers, mulchers/shredders, timber axes, and brush cutters. This is great for machinery that is hungry for Earth moving! Or an equipment operator that just wants to say "Look what I did!" Call us for a quote! 530 862 1286 or 877 214 7569

McLaren logo.

McLaren manufactures tracks for tires. Made in THE USA!

Go ahead, beat them up.
Nu-Air Tyre and probable abuse it may incur on the job site.

Ranger HD/ XD pnuemo tires for skid steers.
Ranger HD / XD pneumo tires for skid steers.

    McLaren are manufactures of tire tracks for equipment with tough jobs. To help the efficintcy of these tasks, McLaren has made some exceptional products. Below are pictures of the NU-AIR TYRE, NEXT GENERATION rubber tracks, and PROTRAC over-the-tire tracks.

NU-AIR TYRE features semi-pnuematic tire technology,
  and 3-5 times the life expectancy of a pnuematic tire. Available in sizes: 10x16.5, 12x16.5, 14x17.5, 15x16.5. Tell the ground to bring on the punctures, because it won't stop you!
**RANGER HD/XD pnuemo tires featuring: extra thick sidewalls, self cleaning lug pattern, increased traction, and wear-resistant rubber compound. Sizes:
10x16.5, 12x16.5, 14x17.5. Foam filled tires available with rim.
**NEXT GENERATION features rubber tracks are tear resitant, forged steel, extra thick cables, 20% more rubber, and offer a smoother ride.Provides a delicate balance of strength and flexibility. Can handle up to 30% more weight than other rubber tracks.  Available for 2400 makes and models.
**PROTRAC featuring:  heat treated, hammer-forged pins and links, easy to install and maintasin, hardened and specially formulated steel. Over-the-tire tracks are sfe for all terrains including grass and asphalt. Provides exceptional flotation in mud, sand, and snow.Three types of Tracks available: Diamond Magnum and Rubber. McLaren can be your rescuer if your are still operating on those"seriously ready to retire"  tires from many seasons ago.
Call us for a quote! 530 862 1286 or 877 214 7569

Nu-Air Tyre.

Next generation rubber tracks. OverTheTire Tracks.


Next generation tracks with mud on machine.
Next Generation Tracks viewed with and without mud.

Arrow Material Handlers logo.

Arrow matrial Handlers New snow bucket. Arrow material handlers new rock bucket.

    Arrow Material Handlers has been featured with us on our site on the infamous Forks page. They have just released their new items for skid steers, the rock bucket and and snow bucket for skid steer applications. By the way our mine customer also got a  set of forks from AMH for their Daewoo skid steer. It is the ultimate package deal! Arrow has many other useful items. But we won't mention them here go to our Forks page and then come back! Call us for a quote! 530 862 1286 or 877 214 7569

    Plows Unlimited is proud to welcome Snow Wolf! Snow Wolf is  snow removal line specially made for skid steers. They provide plows, accessories and even have their own traction system tires. Read on to find out more.

Snow Wolf skid Steer mounted plow.

    Skid steer loaders are among the most versatile tools in the snow removal industry. Here at Plows Unlimited, we feature a very wide assortment of attachments, equipment and accessories. We want to help you to enhance the product performance in your snow removal business and in other areas if you have a skid steer. Here are just a few of the products that we have in mind. Contact us for further details or to inquire about additional products.

    Snow Wolf gives your skid steer unequaled snow removal performance under a wide range of snow plowing conditions. The Ultra Series is Snow Wolf's snow plow specifically designed for the skid steer. It is available in eight widths from 6 to 10 feet. Features include a dual pivot, A-frame construction that allows the blade to oscillate, following the contours of uneven ground without scraping. It also has the ability to apply full down pressure allowing clean clearing of ice and packed snow. This plow also has a spring-loaded trip edge to vitually eliminate false tripping of the blade. The Ultra Series skid steer system is suitable to both wheel and track skid steers and carries a 2 year warranty (even the cutting edge!) A wide range of accessories are available for the Ultra Series including: wear shoes, snow deflector, cross over relief valve (standard on the 120” models), poly soft touch cutting edge, and a snow pusher conversion on 96” to 120” models.


    The Snow Wolf  “WOLF PAW” skid steer traction system is a skid steer tire designed to increase the snow plowing ability of the skid steer traction. It is available in both studded and not studded versions. No longer will you need to use a tire designed for light trucks to push snow with a skid steer tractor. The increase in snow plow performance is phenomenal! Wolf Paw tires replace both 12:00-16.5 and 10:00-16.5 sizes for most skid steer tractors. They also eliminate tire chain clearance issues.

    Wolf Paws, skid steer traction system.
Skid steer traction system.

Wolf Paws tread for skid steers.


    For those of you that need maximum traction and long life, consider Plows Unlimited PEWAG tire chains for skid steers. They are double spaced (a cross chain every 2 side chains) and feature 8.2 m.m. PEWAG SQUARE cross chain. These chains hold up to skid steer plowing in even the toughest conditions. They provide for extreme performance. We offer no other snow chain for skid steer tractors. We want only happy customers! Which is why we provide the best chi for the dollar Contact us regarding sizes and pricing, and to discus tire chains for forestry, tire protection, or other applications. When the going gets tough the tough buy PEWAG! For more information on tire chains

For those of you plowing sidewalks, brick or cobble stone walkways, and other delicate conditions, we recommend the Wolf Paws above.

RCS skid steer model plow blade.


    The RCS Pro Series severe duty pusher is available for both track and wheel skid steer tractors. Sizes are available in 6 to 12 foot widths. RCS skid steer pushers feature 3’ by 36” side plates and heavy duty construction throughout. The RCS Pro Series use the skid steer’s attachment plate for mounting.

RCS site box for skid steer application.


    Site boxes are for lifting and carrying materials and equipment. They are priceless on the job site and unequaled in disaster clean up.
See our box plow page for more information on RCS products as well as other box plows.

RCS Pro Angle series trio.


Angle blades for skid steers, loaders and backhoes available from us.

SweepEx mounted broom for skid steer.


    Need some clean up at a job? Need it done now? But you don't need something as big as a loader, but need a time saver? Get a broom from SweepEx. It will quick attach to your skid steer with the pre-existing mounts in place. Different sizes available. For more, seek this page:

For more information on any of our products and services, please call one of the staff at  877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us.

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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

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Carbide insert
snow plow blades
and "CAT" grader blades
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Snow Wollf brand logo.

Snow Wolf Accessories

Snow Wolf wear shoes.

Wear Shoes

Soft cutting edge.

Soft cutting edge

High carbon curb gaurd.
High carbon curb gaurd

Wolf wings for ultra models 84 - 120.
Wolf wings

Side plates to create pusher.
Quick release sideplates

Poly snow deflector.

Poly snow deflector

RCS Pro series logo.
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SweepEx broom logo.
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Skid steer with SweepEx broom.
Skid steer with SweepEx broom.

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