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Plows Unlimited is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall - click here

Celebrating 10 Years! 1996 - 2006!
Happy Plowing!


DiamondBack cover logo banner.

DiamondBack cover commercial series.

DaimondBack cover atv series.


    Need to use your truck bed but you don't want to loose visibility or block it up with a camper shell? This is you answer! The DaimondBack series truck covers turn your truck bed into a storage locker. It has a simple install process. The covers weight is 150 -180 lbs, each panel only weighs 50 - 75 lbs. No drilling or tracks required. A man smart enough to read and understand english can put it on all by himself! This very classy, very stylish covers provides for a 1200 lb capacity, opens front and rear, locks and seals your truck bed, it can be quickly and easily removed. How is this snow related? Welp, if you are one of those guys who does landscaping in the fair weather months, and snow removal in the wet months, this is for you! You can load you walk behind snow blower on top while you have your plow up front. And in the spring you can put your edge trimmer, brush cutter, and weed wacker top side. Plus, it is obviously a great toy hauler! For when your work is done!!
    Rear loading package, side loading package, and ramps are available to your needs with the ATV series covers. Available in the commercial cover collection is the side rails and cab overhang, ladder rack and cab gaurd, side tool boxes and tailgate protector. These list of accessories may be mixed and matched. Price quotes are provided by individual need.
Call us for a quote! 877 214 7569 

Rokon logo.
Two wheel drive off highway vehicles. Go places even a quad can't go!

    Any ROKON vehicle can be equipped with custom options to suit your needs for work or play.They are great for trial breaking, hunting and fishing in remote locations,  The base model price starts at about $6000.00 goes up depending on your options.
Rokon Ranger and available accessories.

    The ROKON Ranger, Trail Breaker and Scout are light weight and automatic, 15 inch ground clearance, fast acting dual disc brakes, and hands only operation. Every ROKON comes with wide base, low pressure tires that provide for great traction over steep terrain - up to 60% grades! The Ranger featuers a quieter, easy start four stroke Honda engine.

Rokon Scout vehicle.
    The ROKON Scout features colors in olive drab, red, black and forest green. The Scout has a Kohler 4 stroke, 172 cc , 6.6 HP powerplant. This is the same engine as in the Trail Breaker vehicle.

Rokon Trail Breaker vehicle.
Call us for a quote.


Interstate battery logo.

    Do you have an extra vehicle that you only use once in a while? Do you have a plow truck or piece of equipment that doesn't start when you need it to? Are you totally tired of that routine aggrevation? Invest in the convienence and and quality that you deserve. Get deep cycle Interstate Batteries. Never let your vehicle or plow truck leave you staranded again! Call us for a price.


    Snow plows, sanders, and other accessories installed on pickups and other trucks tend to place extra load on the springs or torsion bars of the truck. This load causes the truck to become unlevel. Snow plows weight tend to lower the front of truck, and cause your truck to nose dive when coming to a stop. Replacing the springs, tightening the torsion bar adjustment, or adding overload springs offer a rough ride in the dry season. Timbren springs support the plow load without sacrificing a nice ride come spring. Sand spreaders are heavy and the amount of load on your truck changes with the amount of sand you are carrying. Timbren springs adjust to the load and restore your factory ride with the plow or sander attached or without.

    The Timbren Spring System consists of hollow rubber springs that are designed to give extra support and increase protection against road shock and the bottoming out your springs. They also improve stability and help to prevent spring breakage or de-arching. This provides a smooth level ride even with heavy loads. The SES kit starts at $181.95 +  $9.95 shipping.

How Timbren SES works.

    Timbren Springs are easy to install, requiring little experience and the minimum amount of tools. In most cases they go on in minutes. They install between the truck's frame and axle.Timbren Springs provide a life time of maintenance free support for what ever use you subject your truck to.Timbren Springs are available for most pickups, vans, and S.U.V.s, along with medium and heavy trucks.Timbren Spring are very affordable and in most cases will out last your truck.


Plow Pushers

    The Plow Pusher offers an easy way to help store and install your pickup snow plow. It's easy to move around, even on a slight slope and has a brake on one wheel of each module, so it stays in place. $119.95 + $14.95 SHIPPING PER SET OF THREE (three to a box.)

For more information on any of our products and services, please call the staff at 877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us.

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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

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Airport Technologies Inc Relife Program

Bring your old machine up to code with Airport Technologies Inc Relife Program
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Karrier Spreader Box Vibrators
Karrier Vibrators, solving your spreader and sander needs.
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Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

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