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Check out our For Sale items at our other site we have 25 series plows, power packs and brooms new and slightly used.

    Do you have crew members sweeping gravel into a trench? Would your drive way snow removal contracts like the sand and salt swept off their driveways? Are you sweeping your warehouse or shop by hand? What about that strip mall where you stop at “Starbucks” every morning; would they like once a week sweeping? Do you have flat tire issues at your job sites? Stop all of those arguous manual labor tasks, and make a time and peole saving investment. SweepEx brooms are available with mounts for most snow plows. Skid steers, fork lifts, three point hitches, John Deere Gator plow mounts. They can also easily be mounted on quads, utility vehicles, and many other pieces of equipment.

    We have mounted SweepEx brooms to excavator buckets for roof top snow removal. We have designed stationary mounts for sweeping the ice and snow off trailer and container tops. This saves those costly tickets for dropping ice on the roadways. SweepEx brooms can be equipped with magnets (for nails and screws). They can also be equipped with dust mops (for warehouses). These brooms can be easily modified for use in leaf clean up, separating cans and bottles, along with many more special uses.

    SweepEx brooms are economical and long lasting. The bristles are easily replaced. SweepEx brooms are available in the 8 row Pro Series, and the 11 row Mega Series. Widths from 48” to 108” are available.

To see other Trynex company products try one of these two links:
Tailgate Sanders
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State highway truck mount broom.

State highway truck mount.

For more information on any of our products and services, please call the staff at 877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us.

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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

Or e-mail your request to:

used equipment for sale

Some Applications:
Pro 720 attached to tractor
Tactor mount.

Truck mounted PRO 720.
Truck mount.

Two pros, 720 and 480 a classic pair.
Small truck and fork lift mount.

Excavater monted PRO 600, sweeps storage shed.
Bucket mount.

Rear mount tractor mega 600 broom.Large tractor mount.