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Lawn Equipment


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Celebrating 10 Years! 1996 - 2006!
Happy Plowing!

Gunny approved - The TANK. Get Your Mow ON!

Cub Cadet Commercial The Tank
The TANK by Cub Cadet Commercial

    This product is currently being pomoted by R. Lee Ermey. Yeah, that's right you know the one on TV from the History Channel's© Mail Call. If he didn't like it, he wouldn't endorse it.
    The Tank models M60 and M72 offer professional finish mowing year after year. If they are tough enough for Gunny R. Lee Ermey they are tough enough for you or your crew.
    The TANK is full zero turn mower, with your choice of 60” or 72” cutting widths, and is available powered by “CAT” diesel engines. Zero % for 36 month financing is available. What a sweet deal! OOHRA!

The Gunny says “When the going gets tough, get a Tank!

R. Lee Ermey
Image courtesy of Cub Cadet Commercial ©2005, 2006
R. Lee Ermey USMC Veteran, TV Host, Film Star.


     Plows Unlimited offers serious home users and dedicated professionals “professional grade” equipment by makers such as Troy-Bilt, Timber Wolf, Cub Cadet, Billy Goat, Shindawa and more.
    At Plows Unlimited we know that it doesn’t snow all year. When the snow says good bye, there are lawns to mow, firewood to cut and split or harvest. Many high quality professional grade products are available here. This page shows a only few of them.

**You won’t see the same equipment you see at local or discount hardware store.**

    We choose to offer equipment lines for home owner who would like to step up from hardware store grade to professional grade. Those of you with commercial needs, will find tools and equipment tough enough to fill those needs.Those of you tired of buying a new lawn mower every year; you are at the right place.

Timber Wolf Log Splitter.
Timber Wolf Log Splitter

    Timberwolf log splitting and fuel wood harvesting equipment splits more wood in less time. It can withstand the beating of forest use, or be family heirloom to hand down for generations to come with home use. Shown is the TW-5. It offers an 11 H.P. Honda engine, 25 tons of force, 10 second cycle times, and vertical or horizontal use. Now you've got an axe to grind.

    Many other models are available.

    Are you ready to split some wood? Ask us about Timberwolf fuel wood processors the kick out up to 3.5 cords an hour.That’s right; 3.5 cords per hour. How’s that for professional grade? That's speed splitting!

Cub Cadet 997E mower.
Cub Cadet 997E

    The Cub Cadet model CC-997E features a 6 H.P. Kawasaki motor with electric start, 21” width, high front caster wheels for easy steering, and offers many other professional features. The CC-997E will stand up to the roughest professional use, and might be the last mower a home owner may need to buy. Ah, yes merry mowing!

The Troy Bilt 549 Mower
Troy Bilt 549 Mower

    The Troy-Bilt TB549 is the perfect mower for the home owner who would like to take a step up the food chain in mowing equipment. It features a 5.5 H.P. Honda engine, bagging or mulching options, a 21” cutting width and many professional features. And ot comes in a purdy red color, too!

Cub Cadet Compact Tractor.
Cub Cadet Compact Tractor

    Cub Cadet tractors are available with up to 45 horse power diesel engines. Front mount loader buckets, snow plows, scraper boxes, box plows, mower decks, and back hoes are just a few of the attachments available. What a cute little Earth mover, even the little woman (or man) could operate it.

The Billy Goat Series Quiet Blower.
Billy Goat Quiet Blower

    Do you need to clear a parking lot or prep a dive way for resealing. The  Billygoat Quiet Blower line  gets the job done fast and easy. Models up to 13 horse power can simply blow your troubles away.
    We are sorry the space prevents us for showing more of the products that we offer for this field. Just contact us, tell us want you need to do, and we will see that you have a way to do it in a professional manner. Remember that first impressions count. Arriving on the job site with too small of a piece of equipment, hurts your business.


Contact us at or by phone at 877 214 7569.

Note: Some products are regional.

Got Weeds? Get A Goat... Billy Goat Outback Brush Cutter.

BillyGoat Outback brush cutter with our lovely model Bailey Samuels.. Here Bailey shows off the Billygoat Outback. It’s a 13 horse power Honda engine and 3 speed transmission with reverse makes brush clearing a “piece of cake” even in the toughest conditions. Talk about chew it up and spit it out!

For more information on any of our products and services, please call  the staff at 877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us. 

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Major Credit Cards Accepted
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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

Or e-mail your request to:

used equipment for sale

Cub Cadet Commercial logo.
Zero turn riding lawn mowers

Timber Wolf logo.
Commercial Industrial grade wood splitting equipment.

Cub Cadet logo
Home owner & residential use  product lines.

Troy-Bilt logo.
Lawn equipment;string trimmers,  roto tillers etc.

Billy Goat log.
Commercial grade brush cutters vacuums, blowers, mowers.

Shindawa logo.
String trimmers, hedge cutters, chain saws.

Honda Engine logo.
Featured in several pieces of equipment provided by the avbove manufactures.

White Outdoor logo.
Riding lawn mowers and others.

Ask us about pricing and availability on theses products from these fine manufactures. Don't forget we have other equipment such as string trimmers, hedge cutters, mini tractors, zero turn mowers and more. We also have a commercial line of chippers available for thoose really BIG jobs, from Bonnell Industries Inc. Call us for more information regarding products on this page.

Karrier Spreader Box Vibrators
Karrier Vibrators, solving your spreader and sander needs.
Find out more, click here.

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