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            Plows Unlimited is proud to present R.P.M. Tech! They are a leader in specialized industrial snow removal equipment. This would include both single stage and auger feed snow blowers. Samples of units available are shown below. Snow blowers deigned and manufactured to your specifications are also available.

RPM-227 Loader Mounted Snow Blower 
Loader Mounted Snow Blower

    The latest model, the RPM-227, is a 2 stage twin auger type self contained heavy-duty snow blower. It utilizes a 350 hp Diesel Tier 2 electronic engine. The RPM-227 weighs in at 9850 lbs, and has an easily detachable modular front and rear section and enclosed maintenance cabinet. The RPM-227 has a snow clearing capacity up to 3000 tons per hour and has different equipment options. Such options include: extendable loading chute, steering vanes and other options.


T-220-B Loader Mounted Snow Blower 
T-220-B Loader Mounted Snow Blower

    This blower was built and designed specifically for the J.C.B. Fast Track tractor, this snow blower is operated directly by the tractor P.T.O., mounted with a quick coupling system. This two stage dual auger design has a snow removal capacity up to 1200 tons per hour.


P-50 Loader Mount Snow Blower
P-50 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    The P-50, RPM snow blower is P.T.O. driven, and is designed to be installed on a four-wheel drive municipal tractor. The P-50 is equipped with a rotary auger fan type design and can move a capacity of up to 1100 tons per hour. The P-50 is a must for removing large volumes of snow from sidewalks and other tight corners.

VLB-98 Loader Monut Snow Blower
VLB-98 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    The VLB-98 is built and designed to operate from the power take off (P.T.O.) and to be installed on the three point hitch tractor. This two stage dual auger unit can also be used on any other tractor in the range from 75 to 149 kW (100 to 200 hp). With its snow removal capacity of up to 1500 tons per hour and ability to load trucks via the telescopic loading chute, this unit is ideal for the private industry. Heavy-duty version is also available.

A-90 Loader Mount Snow Blower 

A-90 / A-96 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    The A-90 and the A-96, RPM rotary auger fan type snow blowers are Diesel engine powered, and are ideal for mounting on to any backhoe loader and/or front end loaders. The A-90 and A-96 blowers are designed for loaders with a 1.5 cubic yards capacity. Perfect for industrial use, having a snow removal capacity up to 1500 tons of snow per hour, these units are used by towns, cities and contractors.

LM-314 Loader Mount Snow Blower 

LM-314 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    This is a triple horizontal auger. This blower also has a two stage loader mounted snow blower, and is equipped with a 168 kW or 187 kW (225 hp or 250 hp) Diesel engine. The LM-314 has a snow clearing capacity of up to 2500 tons per hour. The LM-314 can cast snow of any density either right or left or through a spot casting truck loading chute.

HS-108 Loader Mount Snow Blower 

HS-108 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    The HS Series of RPM rotary auger fan type snow blower is equipped with a powerful Diesel engine of up to 299 kW (400 hp), is designed for use on a front end loader. Capable of handling up to 3000 tons of snow per hour, these units are mainly used to clear snow from roadways, airport runways and snow dump sites. The HS Series is also available in different sizes and horsepower capacities.

LM-217 Loader Mount Snow Blower

LM-217 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    The LM-217 is a medium size 2 stage dual auger self-contained snow blower. It is powered by a Diesel engine rating from 113 to 149 kW (152 to 200 hp). This unit is built and designed to be mounted on any front end loader of 2 yard capacity. The LM-217, equipped with a telescopic truck loading chute, is used by cities, towns and the private industry for industrial use and is capable of moving up to 2000 tons of snow per hour.

LM-220 Loader Mount Snow Blower

LM-220 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    This is a powerful Diesel engine powering a 2 stage dual auger self-contained loader mounted snow blower. It is built and designed for industrial use by cities, towns and the private industry. The LM-220 is designed to move up to 2500 tons of snow per hour and cast snow up to 46 m (150 ft) either left or right or load trucks of any capacity via its telescopic truck loading chute.

P-3500 Loader Mount Snow Blower

P-3500 Loader mounted Snow Blower

    Similar in size as the P-5000, the loader mounted P-3500 is also used on airports and snow dump sites. With a snow removal capacity of up to 5000 tons per hour, the P-3500 is equipped with a 373 kW (500 hp) Diesel engine and is specifically used to operate the snow blower. This unit has the ability to cast snow of any density to the right or left, up to a distance of 40 m (130 ft).

3640 Loader Mount Snow Blower
3640 Loader Mounted Snow Blower

    This unit has a total weight of 8500 lbs. the 3640 loader mounted snow blower light weight in its class, but is extremely sturdy. The 3640 snow blower is powered by a hydrostatic transmission with a 315 hp engine; which also makes it unique.


    RPM Tech Inc. RPM Tech specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing industrial snow removal equipment, heavy equipment and custom-made on/off highway carriers. That list of equipment includes, but is not limited to:
Snowblowers, Forced air blowers, Airport runway sweepers, Railway maintainence equipment, Hi-rail cold air blowers, Industrial and agricultural equipment, paving equipment, terminal tractors, and specialized custom vehicles.

    Horse power ranges are from 150 H.P. to 500 H.P. Many sizes, models, and styles are available. These units are available in self contained units with a 2 stage twin auger type self contained electronic engine and can cast snow from 40 to 150ft.

    RPM Tech has been in business since 1962 and is the parent company for several subsidiaries.

For more information on any of our products and services, please call staff at 877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us.

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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

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Plows Unlimited
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