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Pick-up Plows
Plows Unlimited is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

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Celebrating 10 Years! 1996 - 2006!
Happy Plowing!


    For the 2005-2006 snow season many of Sno-Ways plows have been redesigned, in order to:
Provide a 5 year warranty (the best warranty in the industry), improve snow clearing, increase plow speed, provide a friendlier plow light harness, (that simply plugs into your trucks wiring harness), faster and easier plow connecting, hydraulic assist plow mount system, reduced air dam modification, steel, polycarbonate, or stainless steel moldboards are available. They also made technical advances toward more snow clearing capacity, higher snow stacking ability, and on demand hydraulic Down Pressure is available on Sno-Way plows. A new “Trip Edge System” on the 29T model only. Always look to Sno-Way to lead the industry in snow plowing technology.


The Sno-Way 22 series plow.
Photo ©2005 by Tom Edgman

    Sno-Way 22 Series snow plows provide the ultimate combination of lightweight strong blade construction and unmatched structural integrity for small vehicle plowing. Height is 22” tall and widths in 6’, 6’8” and 7’6”. The Sno-Way 22 Series plow is designed to provide for your vehicles maximum plowing performance. This plow is an upgrade from the ST series plow. Sno-Way plows provide for high snow stacking, this is the plow that I use on my 2005 GMC Canyon, a truly awesome truck and plow combination.

Small Truck & SUV

    The Sno-Way ST snow plow is designed for the small business or suburban home owner who drives a small truck or SUV. They need a plow in order to get to work quickly or to get home after a long hard day's work. The ST plow is friendly to both you and your truck. This is a plow that can make short work out of a snow covered driveway.


The 26 series Sno-Way plow.
Photo ©2005 JUST BE photo arts

    Sno-Way 26 Series plows works and fit like your best pair of work gloves. They offer the home user, small business owner, and ½ ton pickups owner all of the professional plow features that larger Sno-Way plows incorporate. All three moldboard materials are available. The wireless soft touch keyboard or wireless joystick control can be stored in the glove box or console, out of your family’s way for those fishing, camping or vacation trips. The 26 Series plow connects and disconnects almost instantly. This is the upgrade to the MT series plow. We at Plows Unlimited believe that there is no better plow available for ½ ton pickups. There is one on my wife’s GMC Sierra.

Medium Truck Plow
Sno-Way Series MT PLow

The Sno-Way MT snow plow is designed for those who drive a half-ton pickup or full-size SUV. Small business parking lots and longer driveways are easily cleared with the Sno-Way MT plow. The Sno-Way MT plow provides exceptional performance while meeting all the needed medium truck specifications.


The 29 series Sno-Way plow.
Photo ©2005 Tom Edgman

    The 29 Series is designed to withstand the tough conditions that commercial plow contractors, business owners, large institutions, and even municipalities can dish out. We have users that run these plows 24 hours a day. The Sno-Way 29 Series plow is designed for HD1/2 ton to 1 ton trucks. It is 29 inches tall for those big storms. Blade widths are 7’6” and 8 feet. All three moldboards are available; this allows them to be used in high security situations such as prisons, airports, subway and railway terminals. All of Sno-Way high performance features are incorporated or available with the Sno-Way 29 Series plow. This is the plow we use on the work horse of our fleet, our 2005 GMC 2500HD diesel Sierra.

    The Sno-Way 29 Series is available with a high performance Trip Edge feature of the Sno-Way 29T model. This is a very nice feature for those plowing open roads at higher speeds.

Do you still want tougher?

Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks

    The Sno-Way 32 Series is a whopping 32” tall, and has the industries best snow rolling capabilities. This plow is designed for trucks in the HD 3/4 ton to class 5 range. Widths available are 8.5 feet, 9 foot and 10 foot models. This plow is designed to hold up to “Attila the Hun”. If you get a lot of snow, and you have a pack of gorillas operating them, look no further. The Sno-Way 32 series plows incorporate all of Sno-Ways high performance features and options. When snow conditions get tough – get tougher.

The Sno-Way 32 series snow plow increases in height to 32 inches and widths are available up to 10 feet. The Sno-Way 32 series snow plow is designed for commercial plowing using H.D. 3/4 ton to class 5 trucks. The 32 series snow plow is available with steel, stainless steel, and polycarbonate moldboards. On-demand Down Pressure along with wireless controls are available. A wireless joystick style control is also available. A 5-year structural warranty is standard with both the 29 and 32 series snow plows.



    Do you need a Vee Plow for your heavy duty truck?  The Sno-Way 28V Plow if a full function 6 way hydraulically operated Vee plow. Many of our Sno-Way 28V buyers are small airports, storages yards, and gas stations, municipalities with remote stations or small fenced in yards. When you need total control of your snow discharge, have long snow pushes, remote roads to open, or if you need high stacking and ramp building for snow storage this is your plow. Again all of Sno-Ways high performance features and options are included or available. When snow gets deep – get a 28VEE!

Customer Satisfaction - this email sent to the staff at Plows Unlimited
Just wanted you to know that I have been using Sno-Way's Lobo V-blade now for the past 4 years. In fact I have just purchased a new 9 footer for our new Chevy 2500HD. We take care of about 30 corporate, industrial and commercial facilities ranging in size from 1/2 acre to 14 acres in northeast Ohio where we get about 120 inches of snow per season. The Lobo is an excellent plow - the ease of operation and the 2 way hydraulics are great. I tried some of the competition and won't even look at their products anymore. Keep makin' them as good as they are now and I'll keep using them.


link to Sno-Way web site

For more information on any of our products and services, please call Tom Edgman or the staff at 1 877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us.

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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

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Learn more about Sno-Way's Patented Down Pressure System.
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Sno-Way has a 5-year structural warranty along with a 2-year non-structural warranty.Ask us for details.

The Sno-Way snow plow is the leader in snow plow technology. Applications are available for compact pickups all the way to class 5 trucks, with widths up to 10 feet.

Sno-Way's direct linkage system eliminates chain slap, making a smoother ride, along with less truck wear. And it allows you to stack snow higher than with other plows.

Sno-Way steel, stainless steel and polycarbonate bladeskins are available. The down pressure option cleans in front of shop and garage doors quickly and efficiently. It also makes no bones out of peeling up packed snow.

Sno-Way snow plows consist of robotically cut, manufactured & welded from high strength steel. This produces a strong, but light, snow plow.

The standard controller is compact and very easy to use. Wireless and joystick style controllers are also available.

5 year warrenty

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