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Plows Unlimited is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall - click here

Celebrating 10 Years! 1996 - 2006!
Happy Plowing!


New Accu-Spray de-icing system.

The AccuSpray Liquid De-Icing Sysytem.

    The new show boat from SnowEx is the Lliquid De-Icing System. This system does two jobs in one. It de-ices and prewets. It features a 75 gallon tank capacity and digital control, as well as individual pre-wet or de-icing applications.This unit will also easily fit at the end of a V-Maxx 8500.

Wet System  AccuSpray attchment to V-Maxx 8500

    The AccuSpray system easily attaches exclusively (not for use with other V pro models) to the V-Maxx 8500. And depending on your needs you can add up to four more AccuSpray  saddle tanks on either side of 8500 model. That gives a whopping total of up to 375 gallons for your prewet/deicing needs.

V-Maxx logo.

The new 2 cy V-Maxx 8500.
The V-Maxx 8500

    SnowEx has thrown its hat into the V box area. The SnowEx V-Maxx easily spreads full sand loads, salt/sand mixes, ice melt, and fertilizer based ice melt compounds and products. It does this without corrosion due to its polyethylene hopper and spinner. And it will never rust!  All of those relentless trip back and forth to the yard are minimized with the 8500s large capacity of a full 2 cubic yards. The V-Maxx runs silently with out waking your customers or your customers neighbors for that matter, with its powerful ½ horsepower electric motor. This also means no expensive gasoline to lug around, that there are no engines, no pulleys, no sprockets, and no chains to maintain. A snug fitting cover is included to help keep material clean and dry. The spinner is easily removed for trailer hitch access. The V-Maxx 8500 easily fits in a ¾ ton, 1 ton, small dump body or onto a flat bed truck.

 The SnowEx Vee Pro 8000 and Vee Pro 6000

Vee Pro 6000.
The Vee Pro 6000

Vee Pro 8000
The Vee Pro 8000

    These light weight powerful electric spreaders spread 1 (VP600) to 1 ½ (VP800) cubic yards of sand / salt mixes. They easily fit into truck beds, including crew cab trucks. The hoppers are polyethylene construction. Both the Vee Pro 6000 (six fet in length) and the Vee Pro 8000 (eight feet in length), can be used for 50% sand/salt mixes, when equipped with the Optimum Flow Kit The Optimum flopw kit  s recommended with your quote and purchase. Capacities are 1 cu. yard for the 6 foot spreader and 1.5 cu. yard for the 8 foot spreader. Receiver mount "free flowing material" spreaders are available from 3.75 to 10.75 cubic feet and are available from SnowEx. Click to learn more.  Need commercial size sanders? Click here.

New box storeage.

    Also new to the line are these handy dandy little bulk material storage boxes. They are available in three different sizes.  Store 5.5 cubic feet, 11.0 cubic feet, 18.0 cubic feet of bulk mix materials.

New walk behind salter.

    This is the little open pit hopper, provides for easy treatment of those areas that  need snow and ice management, but are too small foa a truck to squeeze into. Now you can use the little SnowEx "stroller". (Not the official name, but it's suiting.)

For more information on any of our products and services, please call one of the staff at 877 214 7569 or simply click here to e-mail us.

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Major Credit Cards Accepted
major credit cards accepted

For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

Or e-mail your request to:

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SnowEx warranty logo.

Materials handled by large Vee pros.

Materials handled by the large series Vee Pro family.

Cabela's and SnowEx come together to offer you some warm deals with your holiday cold.
While supplies last, buy any one SnowEx brand spreader and recieve a FREE CABELA'S  gift card!
JUNIOR 325, MICRO PRO 375, MINI PRO 575, OR PIVOT PRO 1075 PURCHASE $50 gift card
SAND PRO 1875 PURCHASE $75 gift card
VEE PRO MODELS 3000, 6000, 8000 $100 gift card
VEE MAXX 8500 $150 gift card

Cabelas Logo.
Cabela's gift card sales promotion.


snowex cash

Inside the wlk behnd salter.
Into the belly of the new walk behind salter.


Box size choices.
Three choices for storing your stuff, or your bulk materials.

Got Snow? Got too much snow?
Conact us, we can help. Ask about Trecan Snowmelters and RPM Snow blowers.
check these pages
snow melters
RPM blowers

Karrier Spreader Box Vibrators
Karrier Vibrators, solving your spreader and sander needs.
Find out more, click here.

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