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Tire Chains
Plows Unlimited is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

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Celebrating 10 Years! 1996 - 2006!
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The largest TPC in the world.
Got Big Wheels? Not A Problem!

The small man and the big chain.
This Is Real BIG!!

Are you serious about tire protection chain? We are.
    We can supply Tire Protection Chains to most nations with trade agreements with the United States. We can often deliver T.P.C.s within two or three weeks to most countries. We feature European T.P.C.s by makers such as PeWag. We also supply the very finest Asian T.P.C.s from China National Electric Import and Export Corporation. We can supply Tire Protection Chain for Cat 994 and for Le Tourneau Westinghouse loaders often within weeks after your order. Don't have your equipment down for months waiting for replacement tires, safe guard those tires now with high quality Tire Protection Chains.
Compare one CEUC link to average man's hand.  Another view of real life comparison.
This is what a single CUEC link looks like compared to an average man's hand. We told you it was big!!

tire protection chain photo 2

    By “covering your tracks” you prolong your tread life on your big expensive tires while protecting your investment . Keep the groves, buy tire protection chains.  
    Q: Why consider buying Tire Protection Chains (TPC) instead of just regular chains?
    A: Because - read more and we'll tell you why.

 tire protection chain photo 1          

    TPCs are best described as a tight mesh patterned mesh that covers the vulnerable parts of the tire: the tread and sidewalls. TPCs enable the operator to work in the worst conditions.

    We feature TPCs from Pewag distributors; chain from Austria, c..

hain, also from Austria and other parts of the world, and the International Chain and Cable Company; a division of Wallingford’s Incorporated. Additionally our new comer is CUEC from china as featured topside.


    Many prices are on the rise, such as gold and other types of ore. The costs to meet supply and demand have also been elevated and equally on the equipment and personnell it takes to operate plants, mines and quarries. Earth moving tires represent the highest cost factor for the operation of a wheeled loader. This creates a near perfect environment for tire protection use. TPCs reduce tire costs 4-15 times the longevity of the tire. Tire protection chains decrease equipment and plant down time, and often lower equipment operating cost by over 25%

    Some other applications for tire protection chains are as follows: mining, steel industry, quarries, scrap yards, cement industry, construction industry (roads, tunnels), glass recycling, landfills, and demolition companies. Severe conditions require tire protection from heat, sharp rocks, and scrap metal, along with other tire eaters. These are just to name a few. Many patterns and link designs are available. Tire protection chains prevent expensive tire damage and equipment down time.

            Don’t let flat or damaged tires shut down your plant or mine!

Contact us for further information. We supply tire protection chains world wide.
Plows Unlimited, U.S.A.   530 862 1284
Tire Protection Chain Quotes take a few days to prepare.

tire protection chain photo 4

tire protection chain photo 6

For more information on any of our products and services, please call the staff at 
877 214 7569
or simply click here to e-mail us.

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For more information on any of our products and services, please call,
877 214 7569

Or send a note to:
Plows Unlimited
P.O. Box 5
Sierra City, CA 96125

Or e-mail your request to:

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For more information on cost justification, literature, or a CD rom let us know you would like more!
e-mail us.

short for tire protection chain!

good for now and good for a lot later

To check out info on regular chains click this link.

For price quotes or to place an order, we need you to fill out a question form. You need to know things like: the tire size and what type of equipment, use, along with the surface material.